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A pageant queen fronts a rock 'n' roll band

Haunting harmonies soar over electric guitar in Cinema Hearts' tribute to the Wall of Sound.

In early 2015, Cinema Hearts transformed from the lonely bedroom recording project of singer-guitarist Caroline Weinroth into a vibrant band with the addition of her brother and bassist, Erich Weinroth. A year passed and an album, Feels Like Forever, emerged -- an aural tale of waiting forever for good moments to come and wishing that those lovely moments could last forever. Cinema Hearts' lyrics describe life in their hometown of Fairfax, Virginia, the suburban shadow of Washington, DC, while their music is reminiscent of the doo-wop singers and surf guitarists from long ago. The sound of Cinema Hearts is wistful, yet feisty, with a pulsing passion for days gone by. 

Cinema Hearts' second album, Burned and Burnished, released May 8, 2017, renounces the consuming worry of "forever" and embraces reckless impermanence. Diving into the frustrating heartbreak of infidelity, loss, and rejection, Cinema Hearts takes on new strength with pounding drums, roaring guitar solos, moody bass lines, and a voice that beckons like a siren's call. Expanding upon the retro flair of Feels Like Forever, Burned and Burnished is witty, dramatic, dark, and powerful; acute lyrical observations present a mature and womanly perspective on the possibility that, no matter how hard one hopes and prays, a dream may not materialize as reality. In Burned and Burnished, sorrow becomes a magic mirror that lets one investigate life's true vulnerability.  

Winning a local Miss America pageant, Caroline reigned with Cinema Hearts. With the crystal crown on their lead guitarist's head, Cinema Hearts gained notoriety for their remarkable appearance; a strong visual message that challenged the notions of feminine identity by combining beauty pageant culture with the traditions of rock 'n' roll. In the span of a summer, Cinema Hearts was selected as Best Local Band 2017 by Northern Virginia Magazine and was featured on the covers of Fairfax Woman Magazine and Connection Newspapers. What started as a girlish dream to sing on a stage has morphed to become a dynamic rock performance that continues to surprise and shine.






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