Cinema Hearts

Dreamy Rock 'n' Roll, Doo Wop Pop

Concert survey

Like any small DIY band, we "do it ourselves" and that includes the booking! We would love to come tour to your city, and any suggestions you have about local venues and bands are greatly appreciated.

Do you know a fun spot for a Cinema Hearts concert? Want to host a Cinema Hearts show in your home for your friends? Tell us! We're still a new band outside of Washington, DC, so small venue spaces that hold 30-100 people are ideal. 

We're not limited to traditional music venues; Cinema Hearts has played theaters, record shops, coffee cafes, libraries, schools, parks, plazas, and private homes. We can make unusual spaces work for live music. 

If you represent an organization, corporation, or want to hire the band for a show on a specific date, please contact us directly at

The basics
How many people could you bring to a show in your city? What's the music scene like? Would you be interested in hosting a house show or letting us crash for a night at your place? Anything else?
Specific Venue and Line-Up Suggestions
or "House Show"
Have you seen a similar act play there? Do you know the owner or booker?
If you know someone and/or it's not readily available on their website. E-mail, phone, name, Facebook, etc.
How many people fit? Sitting/standing numbers are both helpful. Guesses are fine!
Or other places we should check out
What are your favorite hometown bands? What kind of music do they play? Do you have the contact info of the band members? Emails and Facebook links are great!